Life on the Edge

One of the coolest (technical term) trends in IT these days is edge products and services. More commonly referred to as distributed architecture; it allows information to pass along the periphery of a network without first retuning to a “home base”.  I have also heard it called “mesh”. Nice!

ShoreTel founder Ed Basart was working in distributed architecture at HP nearly 20 years ago when a new phone was set on his desk. He looked at it and knew he could do better. Now, with ShoreTel, corporate multi-site locations are making VoIP calls to each other without ever sending data to a main server. This unified database maximizes availability and makes managing an enterprise phone system quick and easy.

Wireless Access Points are becoming more and more common as tablets and ”bring your own” devices proliferate. Adtran, a leader in business grade telecommunication switches, hopes to increase business through the acquisition of Bluesocket, a maker of “virtual” WAPs (wireless access points). Simply stated, no data going back to and then out from a central location.

Video is a bandwidth hog. So LifeSize HD videoconferencing has made their video center virtual as well. The main library sends files to outlying areas to then be distributed to area users. This greatly reduces network traffic and improves efficiency.

So the web we weave becomes more interconnected and our upload speed increases! Life on the edge is good.