Here It Comes Again

I was thinking back to the philosophical conversation I had not too long ago with friends about sacrificing quality for convenience, example not-so-smart-phones. Nothing hit that point home quite like the prospect of an upcoming move of a spinet piano with me. It has been in place for more than a decade, and since then there are now keyboards that come very close in sound and fit under my arm.

So, I played it to help me decide. A hundred bucks to have it tuned. A hundred bucks for pizza and beer to have it moved. And so on. Still, I do wish through the years I hadn’t gotten rid of some nice keyboards that I’ve owned. Perhaps I just have this Norman Rockwell vision of someday singing carols at Christmas.

Whatever the case, it is indeed an amazing time to be alive to have choices like this. Those exponential factors we were promised are here. Pretty much anything you would ever want to know and then some is at your fingertips, including how to play piano. Collaboration of ideas has never been easier. Communication is increasing.

As in every era, change is a constant. Change is exciting, it is fun. Those who can adapt will succeed, those who can adopt will exceed. There is plenty of opportunity. I am, however, keeping the piano. Jingle Bells, anyone?