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Is Cloud Switching for Everyone?

2019 is shaping up to be a collaboration filled year. Gone are the days of employees clocking in at 9 am and clocking out at 5 pm. Teams don’t need to hold the typical in-person meeting or wait by their desk phones for an important client call. Today’s mobile workforce is driving the emergence of cloud-based communications solutions that facilitate better collaboration, no matter where the user is located. However, it’s important to understand if switching to a cloud-based communication system is for everyone. Cloud-based services aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, like on-premises systems, they need to be specifically tailored to fit your business needs.

What is best for your business?

When debating a potential move to the cloud, think about the people that will be directly affected, your employees and your customers.

Customers need to know that their interests are first and foremost on your mind and that means securing their data, as well as providing the best customer experience. The question of whether or not to stay on the cloud should be answered by core customer considerations.

Will this improve customer service? Will it help clients succeed? Will it better protect their data?

Next, think about your employees. Most staff members have a generation of experience in understanding the company’s IT hardware. It’s what they know, it’s how they’ve been trained, and where they have experience. If you do complete a cloud migration, your staff will most likely require training to use and maintain the system. Do you have the time for company-wide training? Is it in the budget?

If you do switch to a cloud-based system, it’s also important to factor in possible downtime. If the cloud is down, you’re down.

If your internet service suffers from frequent outages or slow speeds, cloud computing may not be suitable for your business. Additionally, consider how dependent your business would be on cloud reliability — even the most reliable cloud computing service providers suffer server outages now and again.

When deciding whether to switch to a cloud-based communication system, like any other decision, there are multiple factors to take into consideration. Industry, cost, security, flexibility, customer support, team integration, staff size and so on. Understanding how your business and team will operate with this change is important to know. Additionally, how your customers will be affected, from customer service to technical support, is key to your business. To cloud or not to cloud is a decision each business owner will eventually have to make. Fortunately, more and more choices are coming that will provide greater security, enhanced customer experience and increased sales.

Here at PacStates, we understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all model when it comes to your communication needs. Our team of certified technicians and customer support specialists will make sure you receive the most efficient, cost-effective solution for your business. No matter what your office needs, we can provide you with the right technology.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us today!

2019 is paving the way for a new kind of workforce. Gone are the days of the Monday-Friday, 9-5 workday. Employees are no longer clocking in and out at the end of the day, companies don’t hold regular in-person meetings or have to wait by the phone for a business call. Now, teams are using more technology-based tools for day-to-day operations including instant messaging, video/audio conferencing tools or team collaboration applications. These enterprise communication techniques are becoming easier to use and offer more productivity than typical communication practices. Additionally, with the help of the cloud, businesses are entering the complete connection era, where companies and its employees can be connected 24/7/365.

Don’t Write off Traditional Communication… Just Yet!

The new year will see a demand for unified communications solutions as customer expectations increase in today’s “always available from anywhere” business model. However, don’t completely write off traditional modes of communications. Despite the need for collaborative and innovative cloud solutions, the death of this technology is still far off. This can be attributed to adaptation – the main barrier to technology adoption in general. Meaning, the faster an industry moves, the more difficult it can be for users to let go of the products they have become accustomed to using for years, like the typical desk phone. For many employees, the desk phone has become a staple in the office. The question of when exactly the desk phone will disappear remains to be seen.

Smaller businesses and start-ups seem to be more open to public cloud adoption. This is in part due to the unified communications as a service (UCaaS) technology is not quite well-known enough for large-scale, consumer-like usage. It may take some time, but the cloud will begin to pass the on-premise business solutions as smaller companies and start-ups continue to grow. For the larger companies, they may need to employ leadership who are equipped with a more naturally mobile mindset before we see replacement of those on-site solutions.

Retail Set to Benefit from Collaborative Approach

In the new year, we will see a large spike in the collaboration technology adoption in the retail industry. Retail has always been an industry that is ripe for innovation and will continue to adapt the trends that increase a completely integrated customer/business workflow. For example, in today’s stores, in-store employees are rarely sitting within reach of a desk phone. Additionally, larger retailers have staff in stores all over the world and are in desperate need of the collaboration technology. This is a stark contrast to other sectors like professional services, where most employees reside together in an office, sitting in front of a computer, next to a phone and only steps away from the nearest meeting space.  Whether consumers are visiting brick-and-mortar stores or shopping online, the adaptation of collaborate technology will offer retailers the unique ability to successfully complete their complete digital transformations.

Looking ahead, we are in for a collaborative year for 2019. We will see continued growth for cloud and unified commutations.

Businesses require a lot from their contact center technology. It must streamline operations, help agents maximize customer satisfaction and ensure managers can track and measure agent success. Simplicity, security, reliability and flexibility are crucial and most importantly, it must be cost-effective and deliver a good return on investment.

Picture this, a contact center system is difficult and complicated for agents to use and each agent may have to spend a few extra minutes each day navigating the system. Over a period of months, this situation is resulting in thousands of wasted dollars. The price of contact center technology that does not meet the above requirements can be significant. Think about the loss of not only productivity, but also an increase in frustration this issue can cause. The thousands of dollars lost does not even include the cost of extra time spent training new employees on the overly complex system. Along those same lines, an outdated on-site contact center can also harm a business financially but in a different way. With outdated systems, employees are restricted by the technology they are given. The ineffective systems are costing customers, along with falling behind of competitors. There is a solution to this: upgrading to an innovative cloud contact center solution. This upgrade ensures businesses are leveraging the latest and greatest technology to boost customer satisfaction and increase agent productivity.
Three companies, a retailer, healthcare non-profit and holiday savings site use cloud contact center solutions to increase both customer satisfaction and productivity.
The retailer decided to move the contact center to cloud and immediately saw a change. Their modern cloud contact center platform provided their management with the flexibility and agility to adjust call routing as needed, increasing first-call resolution rates, and handle seasonal demands more effectively. Additionally, with the reporting and analytics features, the company was able to identify areas that needed attention.

The non-profit needed to ensure their patients’ information was kept safe and they complied with all healthcare regulations. They chose to migrate to a state-of-the-art, cloud contact center solution, which was significantly simpler and more intuitive than their previous system. The organization saw improvement in the contact center’s security and reliability regarding the patients’ data.

Lastly, the holiday savings website needed to boost efficiency and customer acquisition rates and their current contact center was not equipped with the tools to improve those areas. To achieve greater control over operations, they decided to run their own contact center. Finding technology that would maximize efficiency and attract new customers was crucial to not only the contact center’s success, but their overall business as well. The website selected an advanced cloud contact center solution that streamlined their operations and generated reports on agent performance. Managers also leveraged the data to make better, more informed business decisions.

Regardless of your industry, having the right cloud contact center solution will make the different between success and failure of your company. To increase flexibility, simplicity, better decision-making and more, consider an upgrade to an intuitive cloud contact center.

We invite you to our Open House, to celebrate 33 years of serving our customers and community. Please join us at PacStates on Wednesday, December 19 from 3:00 – 6:00 pm for hors d’oeuvres, finger food and refreshments.

We also ask that you help us help the kids of our community through the Reno Rodeo Foundation Denim Drive. If you can, please bring an article of clothing, whether it is a pair of socks, sweater, coat or denim jeans, all items will be donated to abused, neglected and abandoned children who have experienced the unimaginable in 14 Northern Nevada counties.

If you aren’t able to donate an article of clothing, monetary denotations are also accepted.

We hope to see you there!

We are thrilled to announce that our company has rebranded to PacStates. Our industry is constantly changing, and we are developing right along with it.

Founded in 1986 by Tim and Patti Madden, Pacific States Communications provided its customers with reliable products, comprehensive solutions and excellence in customer service.

Since Tim’s passing in March ’06, Patti took over as president to continue PacStates’ founding commitment to its employees, customers, and community with reliable products, and excellence in everything we do. In 2006 Michael Buis transitioned from sales back into management as CEO and in 2016 was named a partner in the company. Together, Patti and Michael lead PacStates, upholding and strengthening the core values and fundamentals on which the company was built.

Some 30 years later, PacStates is continuing Tim’s vison to give more to their customers, employees and their families.

PacStates updated logo and website symbolize our evolving industry, our new IT support division and our commitment to providing all business technology and telecommunication needs with one call.

Pacific States Communications has announced today the company will formally launch a new IT Support division. To reflect the expansion of their services, the company has rebranded to PacStates. In addition to the revised name, the rebrand also features a new company logo and updated website.

“Our industry is constantly changing and we are developing right along with it. Our updated logo and website symbolize our evolving industry, our new IT support division and our commitment to providing all business technology and telecommunication needs with one call,” said Michael Buis, Chief Executive Officer of PacStates.

The IT Support Division provides 24/7 technical support, US based desktop Helpdesk, server monitoring, Virtual CIO, and more by certified technicians and customer-support specialists. The PacStates staff has extensive experience in LAN/WAN Networks, IT data infrastructure and telephony call processing to bridge the gap between IT and modern Telephony systems.
PacStates has served Northern Nevada for 32 years, providing cable infrastructure, telecommunication products, services and training.

Check out our announcement in the NNBV: Reno’s Pacific States Communications rebrands to ‘PacStates’


Our company rebrand and IT Support Division was featured in the Northern Nevada Business View. On October 3, we announced our rebrand from Pacific State Communications to PacStates, our newly launched IT Support Division and our new logo and website.

Read the full article here: Reno’s Pacific States Communications rebrands to ‘PacStates’


This quote from Silicon Valley web pioneer and venture capitalist Marc Andreesen accurately describes the feeling that many business owners and managers share while trying to strategize their business processes moving forward. The choices available can be overwhelming. Technology has now given us another business decision to be made; how exactly these solutions will be acquired and deployed.

Software as a Service (SaaS) has been around for many years. Simply stated, it is an application that resides in data center servers and deployed through the internet via a private or public internet connection. These services are acquired on a subscription or rental basis and allow a business to pay for them as an operating expense rather than requiring a capital outlay.

The proliferation of cloud services has been made possible in part by the increased availability of larger internet bandwidths, and the decreasing cost of those connections to the internet. Fiber networks are allowing business to send and receive larger quantities of information with higher reliability. As a result, there is now literally an alphabet soup of “as a Service” offerings. These include, among others, UCaaS – Unified Communications as a service or “hosted” voice, SECaas – Security as a service or threat reduction, DRaaS -Disaster Recovery as a service or backup for both natural and digital disasters, and IaaS- Infrastructure as a service or server storage.

A challenge faced today by business decision makers is which solutions should be deployed and if so, should they reside in the cloud. A good place to start is by developing a cloud strategy. As Microsoft continues to eliminate support for servers located at a business location, email is an application that is currently making the transition to the cloud. Threats to business information are also forcing businesses to review cloud options for protecting their network and to help stay current. Moving voice and video to hosted providers may also make sense depending on the business needs and structure. Finally, if new servers will soon be needed, is it better to purchase them or rent server space in a data center.

Keeping it as simple as possible in this process should be a goal. If you have used Netflix, Uber or Skype, you have used cloud services. No matter what it is, there seems to be an “app for that”. It wasn’t that long ago that business people had on their hip the original hosted voice product; a pager! In his excellent book “The Innovators”, Walter Isaacson takes the development of digital technology all the way back to the early 19th century and reminds us that as the more things change, the more they stay the same.

In our highly competitive and increasingly commoditized business world it is more important than ever to have trusted business partners who are deeply engaged and well versed in the latest available technologies. Make sure to reach out to and sit down with a technology team that is easy to work with. You and your technology partners may find that your greatest planning tool is a whiteboard.

TCO or Total Cost of Ownership is also of course an integral part of any decision making process. Cloud services may or may not make financial sense based on a number of factors including business size, locations, applications, timeframe of use, and both external and internal customers. Your technology team needs to understand how different acquisition and deployment methods will affect your expenses in relation to the advantages gained.

How and why are important, but it is the end result that provides the business edge. Recently, when presenting to a group of middle school students at a Career Day event, I asked the kids what they thought “the cloud” was. One young man raised his hand and said, “It lets me get pictures on my phone”. Well said indeed. I put away my flip chart after that! Why we choose to work in business can elicit a number of responses, but certainly nothing happens without profit. With good advice and wise counsel the picture can be one with an increased bottom line.

Northern Nevada Business Weekly

Outside Sales – Job Description

Function: Responsible for marketing, promoting and profitably selling products and services to existing and potential customers.

Duties and Responsibilities:
□ Makes personal sales calls at customer sites on a regular basis.
□ Seeks out prospective customers/business opportunities with new and existing customers.
□ Establishes and maintains customer relationships in order to grow profitable sales.
□ Stay current on existing and emerging product and technologies.
□ Introduces and demonstrates new products to assigned accounts.
□ Follows-up on all generated quotations to assure that the customer is being serviced and to document the outcome of the proposed solution.
□ Generate profitable sales orders.
□ Reports competitive conditions and feedback from customers to management.
□ Maintains ethical, cooperative manufacturer relationships consistent with company image and company goals in the marketplace.
□ Cooperates with qualified suppliers to secure mutual business through joint calls.
□ Attends product training classes to develop superior product knowledge to handle
customer applications.
□ Develops an effective and productive working relationship with Inside Sales Associates and support personnel; encourages and assists in their training and development when possible.
□ Executes sales efforts in an ethical and professional manner, assuring a favorable impression of self and the company.
□ Maintains a professional/working image in self and work environment including vehicle.
□ Completes sales call and expense reports on a timely basis in accordance with company policy.
□ Fulfills customer needs for current literature, catalogs, product pricing, etc.
□ Assists customers with problem solving, project layout/design and in pricing bills of
material and project management.
□ Develop and maintain a sales forecast to help analyze market conditions and/or changes in assigned territory for maximum productivity and sales growth.
□ Implement a sales plan to support sales and profitability goals.
□ Performs other duties as instructed or required to successfully complete the job.

□ Bachelor’s degree in sales or closely related field with three years of relevant sales and industry experience; or equivalent combined education and on the job experience.
□ Commitment to and demonstration of high ethical standards governing professional behavior and interactions.
□ Proven proficiency in the use of a personal computer accompanied by a strong aptitude for technical applications.
□ Demonstrated time management and organizational skills.
□ Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and concisely in written and verbal formats, including sales presentations, demonstrated capability to develop strong interpersonal working relationships and work in a team environment.
□ Strong customer service orientation.
□ A valid driver’s license and proven safe driving record.

We are so pleased to be offering a new product to our customers. Interactive Intelligence, which was recently acquired by Genesys, focuses on offering modern communication technology, enabling customer engagement and communications through cloud based products. Genesys-Interactive Intelligence offers contact center software with tools that enable collaboration within the workplace and better communications with customers. Genesys-Interactive Intelligence has more than 10,000 customers in more than 100 countries and supports more than 25 billion customer interactions per year.

Historically Genesys-Interactive Intelligence has been designated to service large companies and call centers. They have now introduced a cloud-based option that is scalable to any size business. This cloud- based option opens the door to many of our clients, offering them services and tools which have not previously been accessible to the smaller companies.

Genesys-Interactive Intelligence products are devoted to customer engagement, as wells as employee engagement and optimizing business. Making customer engagement a focal point, in turn improves customer experience. In ever changing and increasingly competitive markets, exceptional customer service is vital in setting companies apart from competitors.  Genesys-Interactive Intelligence offers products capable of tracking and customizing each customer experience to make sure that individual needs are being met.

Through improved employee engagement, companies can expect to see better collaboration between departments.  The cloud based product enables information to be shared amongst team members, offering customers a more seamless transition between departments and a more educated interaction overall. The ability to share information at a more rapid pace also can increase response time, resulting in quicker solutions for customer issues. Omnichannel capabilities offers an all-encompassing view of reporting and content vital to providing an unmatched, engaged customer experience. This has also been proven effective in training employees, managing quality control and ensuring compliance.

As companies grow and develop, one of the primary questions is how to optimize their business. Gensys- Interactive Intelligence’s tools allow organizations to prioritize and manage workflow. These tools are proven to increase performance by organizing and prioritizing tasks.  The management tools gather the tasks and interactions with real time monitoring and have the ability to assign tasks to team members. This is imperative to timely completion of processes and attainable task based time management.

Genesys- Interactive Intelligence’s cloud based products also brings efficiency and cost effectiveness to companies by offering numerous integrations with other applications. This allows a company to alter their services as needed over time. The flexibility to customize products and services to best fit the evolving needs of the clients is one of the things that makes Genesys-Interactive Intelligence stand out from competing call center technology solutions.

We take pride in offering our customers the best solutions and cutting edge technology. By thoroughly researching and understanding the products that we offer, we can ensure the satisfaction of clients. We invest in products that fit our client’s needs and allow them to stay at the cutting edge of their industries.

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