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Pacific States Communications Rebrands to Include New Division

Pacific States Communications has announced today the company will formally launch a new IT Support division. To reflect the expansion of their services, the company has rebranded to PacStates. In addition to the revised name, the rebrand also features a new company logo and updated website.

“Our industry is constantly changing and we are developing right along with it. Our updated logo and website symbolize our evolving industry, our new IT support division and our commitment to providing all business technology and telecommunication needs with one call,” said Michael Buis, Chief Executive Officer of PacStates.

The IT Support Division provides 24/7 technical support, US based desktop Helpdesk, server monitoring, Virtual CIO, and more by certified technicians and customer-support specialists. The PacStates staff has extensive experience in LAN/WAN Networks, IT data infrastructure and telephony call processing to bridge the gap between IT and modern Telephony systems.
PacStates has served Northern Nevada for 32 years, providing cable infrastructure, telecommunication products, services and training.

Check out our announcement in the NNBV: Reno’s Pacific States Communications rebrands to ‘PacStates’


The Reno Rodeo wrapped up on Saturday, June 23 with numerous final events including the World Championship Barrel Racing (WPRA) Women’s Barrel Racing finale.

PacStates Communications was the proud event sponsor and our CEO Michael Buis presented Nellie Miller with the Champion Spurs.

The 99th Annual Reno Rodeo, the Wildest, Richest Rodeo in the West is a 10-day event that had over 140,000 fans in attendance and an economic impact of $42 million in the Reno/Sparks community.

Nellie Miller, from Cottonwood, CA, defended her title at the rodeo and joined an elite list of world champions to win back-to-back championships at the Reno Rodeo.

Congratulations to Nellie and all the other rodeo winners!

Join Pacific States Communications in supporting the Reno Rodeo Foundation Denim Drive. We are collecting items through December 31st!

Over the years we have run into companies stressing ultimate customer service with management demanding the incoming calls get answered within two to three rings. To achieve this they have all incoming calls ring most (if not all) of the front office staff phones. We have found in all cases when all phones ring:

  • All staff stop whatever they are doing momentarily.
    • Consciously or subconsciously, they are interrupted.
  • They wonder if the primary answering person is going to answer it.
  • After ring two they seriously wonder, and ring three they start to reach for the phone.

We are told that when this happens:

  • Focus is broken and errors are more likely to occur.
  • It prompts a smoke and/or bio break.
    • We have been told these interruptions can easily add up to over an hour or more every day of nonproductive time.
  • The back-up answering party typically cannot answer the question, or help the calling party.
    • A message has to be taken, or the called party has to be found.
    • The result is an extended delay in the primary work focus.
  • The calling party has not been provided ultimate customer service because they are placed on hold, have to recite a message, and most likely did not reach the called party in a timely manner.

Part of our “call flow” analysis is what percent of callers know who they want to speak with. You are successful because you build personal relationships with your clients. It is typical to be told that 50% – 70% of callers know who they need to reach. So how would “customer service” be enhanced if:

  • Callers could direct dial an individual or department with their “personal” number.
  • When the call rings your phone you see the incoming caller ID.
  • If you are unable to answer the call, the caller reaches your voice mail and hears your greeting that is personalized to your status – in the office, in a meeting, out of office, etc.
    • So the caller knows if you are in, out or in a meeting.
    • The caller can always press “0” and be routed to your call coverage phone for assistance or leave a message.

We find this enhances your clients experience with you in several ways:

  • With a direct dial number the client feels special to have your number.
  • They reach their called party quicker, no “please hold” or “may I take a message”.
  • If they get voice mail, they know if you are in, out or in a meeting.
  • They can always press “0” to reach a live body if they need immediate assistance.
  • With less call going through the “front office”, your staff:
    • Have more quality time to spend with callers that do not know who they need to speak with, therefore enhancing their “first impression” with your company.
    • Will be less frustrated with ringing phones.
    • Will minimize nonproductive time and possible errors.

This is just a brief overview. The bottom line is that with proper call flow analysis we can design a system that represents a “Win / Win” for you and your clients, therefore enhancing your bottom line.

We at Pacific States Communications believe it’s important to take the best care of our clients and want to make sure you’re more than just happy with your service, but also getting the most out of your equipment.

Our Customer Care program can help you with all the stages of purchasing and owning a new communications system, from the initial consultation, to the design and setup, to training employees on how to use it most effectively.

Your team will learn from ours as they program the new system together. We will ensure your team has a full understanding prior to the first day your new system is in use, and make sure you have the ability to use all of the available productivity tools.

Our customer care program provides ongoing training onsite for new employees and we will keep existing employees up to date on new features. Our team consists of industry and product specialists well trained and certified in system knowledge and best practices. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

The decisions are never easy when it comes to choosing a provider, and there are often many factors to consider. Cost, ease of use and time you’ll spend using your services are all integral to these decisions. Should you choose the least expensive option, or spend a little extra for something that you trust? How much do you value something you’ll use throughout the day, where even minor glitches could seriously affect your work?

When choosing, remember the valuable asset an experienced team can provide. With expertise comes a comfort in knowing that you will receive immediate assistance by someone you trust.

It also means you will have someone who knows the product you’re using inside and out, and can make sure you’re taking advantage of all the features that will help your team succeed.

With more and more small businesses making the switch to VoIP phone services, it is important to understand all the features available to your business to get the most bang for your buck. Some of our favorite features that can elevate your business include;

  1. Virtual receptionist – Gives the caller an option list for what they’re calling about. This will direct their call to the appropriate employee or wherever you wish to send calls regarding “x”.
  2. Custom Call Tagging – Lets you see where your calls are coming from. For example, for a caller coming from the billing option of your reception menu, you know how to answer their call or who to direct it to. This one can be really fun if you add a Google Analytics tag to it. You can track call volume, and including the busiest times of day for your phone lines. This can be especially useful if you need to decide where to focus company resources.
  3. Call monitor, whisper, and barge – These are great for coaching your team on client calls. Monitor allows you to listen in without the employee or client knowing, Whisper allows you to listen in and “whisper” to your employee any notes or important points to make to the client. Barge allows you to listen in on a call and jump in if necessary.
  4. Find me/ Follow me- This allows you to leave your office without worry, knowing that any incoming calls will make their way to you- wherever you are. You can designate another number to ring if your office line isn’t answered after, say, three rings. Then after perhaps two rings on your cell phone, your home phone might ring once before the caller is sent to voicemail.
  5. Local Number- Another bonus feature we love is the ability to set up a local number from anywhere, even if you don’t have an office in that city. For a small business that doesn’t quite have their feet on the ground in a city they may be hoping to expand to, or still feeling out, they can get an area code that appears local and link back to our #2 feature, custom call tagging, to see how many of these calls are coming in before they decide to actually establish a full time presence there.
  6. Phone entry buzzer integration – In small offices, you may not always have a security guard or receptionist to field your visitors and guests. This feature allows for the buzzer to go straight to your phone, where you can converse with the visitor and press a key on your phone to allow them to enter if you wish.

Moving is never fun, and sometimes it seems everything that can go wrong, does. If there’s one thing you can do to make it go even a little smoother, it would be making sure you don’t make the costly mistake of moving to a new location and finding out your phone service can’t come along.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Not all carrier services are offered at all locations

Contact us or fill out the form here

To find out what is offered at your potential location. Save yourself time, money and the frustration that could come with not knowing if your equipment will work.

Give us a heads up

One thing you can do is to give us sufficient notice of your move. Communications systems providers will typically require six weeks advance notice of your move date, so once you’ve checked that your current service will be ready to go at the new location, we will help you by plan any voice, data or electrical installations or upgrades you may need. Internet and telephone connections may take up to six weeks to be installed, tested and ready for use.

Don’t put more on yourself than you need to

A mistake we see frequently is offices that try to move their communication systems themselves. Asking employees to disconnect and reconnect their systems themselves or having anyone who is not experienced attempt this task more often than not will result in phones ringing at the wrong extension, lost cables and frustrated employees and customers. Ask us for assistance setting up your new office once you’re ready. We’ll be happy to help you avoid expensive fixes and lost productivity.

Check the plans

If you’re building a new location for your company to move into, call our experts to help you decide how many power outlets, network and phone connections you will need and what storage space you will require for your equipment. The reason to build a facility is to get exactly what you need. Don’t forget that your computer and phone system equipment need the same. Changes after the building is complete can be much more expensive than planning it right the first time.

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We hope to see you at the Reno Rodeo in The Branding Room. Great way to experience the event! Click here for more details.


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Mike Metzger
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Bryan just moved to the Operations Manager position after 27 years as a lead telecommunications and data technician.
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