Our History

From humble beginnings to one of northern Nevada’s premier telecom solution providers, PacStates is proud to celebrate more than 32 years of customer and community service. Founded in 1986 by Tim and Patti Madden with just one part-time technical employee, PacStates has grown to more than 26 employees, and over 2,400 customers. Pacific States has increased it’s community commitment with staff participation and contributing to many local non-profit organizations.

Patti remembers how Tim started as a telephone lineman and worked his way up to a regional vice president in a national telecom company. In the mid ’80s, major companies were merging and buying to gain market share. These moves often did not seem to be in the best interest of the local branch or customers, as products and services were dictated by corporate. Tim had a vision — give more to customers, employees and their families. In his heart, he wanted to have a company providing reliable products, comprehensive solutions and excellence in customer service — the customer was to come first.

Since Tim’s passing in March ’06, Patti took over as president to continue PacStates’ founding commitment to its employees, customers, and community with reliable products, and excellence in everything we do. Patti concludes, “I am excited about the present state of PacStates. With our dedicated employees and clients, along with our strong financial strength and excellent products, we are well-positioned to continue our role as the area’s primary telecom solution provider.”

In 2006 Michael Buis transitioned from sales back into management as CEO and in 2016 was named a partner in the company. Together, Patti and Michael lead PacStates, upholding and strengthening the core values and fundamentals on which the company was built.

Empowering People, Companies and Communities

Take Ownership
People, Family First
Servant Attitude
Provide Extreme Value
Integrity Matters
Do What’s Right, Even When It Hurts