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From humble beginnings to one of northern Nevada’s premier telecom solution providers, Pacific States Communications is proud to celebrate 30 years of customer and community service. Founded in 1986 by Tim and Patti Madden with just one part-time technical employee, PSC has grown to more than 20 employees, 2,400 customers, and it contributes to many local non-profit organizations. Patti remembers how Tim started as a telephone lineman and worked his way up to a regional vice president in a national telecom company. In the mid ’80s, major companies were merging and buying to gain market share. These moves often did not seem to be in the best interest of the local branch or customers as products and services were dictated by corporate. Tim had a vision – give more to customers, employees and their families. In his heart he wanted to have a company providing reliable products, comprehensive solutions and excellence in customer service – the customer was to come first.

“When Tim and I started PSC, we had a vision and a plan,” says Patti Madden. “We wanted to hire honest, hard-working people, and most importantly we wanted to be fair to our customers. With that philosophy, and investing in our people with training and support, the company grew steadily.”

In 1994 Pacific States was nationally recognized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Nations Business’ with their “Blue Chip Award.” Tim was also named “Nevada’s Small Businessman of the Year.” “We quickly became a telephony/data systems integrator, providing and designing voice and data cable for single- and multi-site operations,” says Chief Operating Officer Michael W. Buis, a 19-year PSC employee. “Being an independent has been an advantage. We are able to determine the best products and services to provide to our customers. As an example, the NEC key and PBX systems have always been a primary solution in our product offering, now we have ShoreTel as our multisite enterprise VOIP solution, and Allworx as our Midline VOIP solution.

In keeping with Tim’s conservative approach to new products, PSC was one of the first companies to “hands-on” evaluate Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology in the Reno market. After determining that several brand-name products did not satisfy demands, PSC waited until a more viable product was introduced.

“We evaluated VoIP products for more than five years,” says Chief Operating Officer Michael Buis.

“Tim refused to bring any product to market that used spinning media (hard drive) to manage call control. We have a responsibility to our customers, and philosophically, we had a hard time with spinning media controlling our customers’ phone calls.”

PSC built its business using proven and reliable products from NEC, the nation’s top key system provider, to the ShoreTel VoIP platform that is the nation’s fastest-growing VoIP solution.

“We have a mix to meet a wide variety of market needs, from companies that want a standard phone system with voicemail clear to the VoIP single/multisite phone system,” says Buis.

PSC has been blessed with great employees and great customers. With Tim’s death March ’06, Patti took over as president to continue Pacific States Communications’ founding commitment to its customers, reliable products, and excellence in customer service. Patti concludes, “I am excited about the present state of Pacific States. With our dedicated employees and clients, along with our strong financial strength and excellent products, we are well-positioned to continue our role as the area’s primary telecom solution provider.”

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