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ADTRAN, Inc. is a leading global provider of networking and communications equipment, with a portfolio of intelligent solutions deployed by some of the world’s largest service providers, distributed enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses. ADTRAN solutions enable voice, data, video and Internet communications across copper, fiber and wireless network infrastructures.

Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, with sales offices strategically located throughout the United States and around the world, ADTRAN’s mission is to be a trusted provider of global communications solutions, to develop innovative technologies used to create products and services that make communications simpler and more affordable for people everywhere, and to foster an entrepreneurial environment supported by enthusiastic employees who exhibit an unwavering commitment to personal integrity and support our customers beyond their expectations.

The company’s success stems from its history in telecommunications. Incorporated in 1985, ADTRAN began operations in 1986 following AT&T’s divestiture of the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs). This created an opportunity for companies such as ADTRAN to supply network equipment to the seven RBOCs as well as the more than 1,300 independent telephone companies in the United States.

The Carrier Networks division is positioned with product and service offerings that compete in many segments of the global telecommunications industry, and, specifically, in the areas of Ethernet and Internet Protocol (IP) based networks. As networks migrate to IP-based architectures, ADTRAN has strengthened its technologies in its primary growth areas: Broadband Access, Optical Access and Internetworking. Service providers use ADTRAN equipment to connect central offices or remote terminals directly to the subscriber’s terminating equipment. ADTRAN’s Carrier Networks Division offers a broad portfolio of products including broadband access platforms, FTTN sealed OSP DSLAMs, ATM/TDM aggregation equipment, fiber access platforms, fiber add/drop multiplexers, M13/STS-1 multiplexers, HDSL2/4 technologies, SHDSL and ADSL technologies, and narrowband access platforms.

With the rise of the Internet and ever increasing importance of the Local Area Network (LAN), the company decided to capitalize on its success in the carrier market by addressing the end-user’s need for termination equipment. Having firmly established a leading position in the telco arena, ADTRAN adapted those technologies for use in enterprise Wide Area Networks (WANs), and quickly gained a significant share of this market.

Today, the Enterprise Networks Division supplies small and mid-sized businesses as well as distributed enterprise customers with the internetworking equipment needed to create sophisticated LANs and WANs. With a host of products including routers, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit and PoE switches; IP Communications platforms; IP phones; IP PBX platforms; wireless access points; security appliances and management platforms, ADTRAN has a solution to meet almost any LAN need.

With products for both carrier and enterprise markets, ADTRAN is uniquely positioned to provide complete end-to-end solutions that produce the greatest network efficiency and lowest possible costs. ADTRAN products are made available through a network of domestic and international value added resellers and distributors.

ADTRAN works to have a sustainable impact throughout our company and the communities in which we live. The telecommunications industry is embracing the move to “green” technology with the establishment of new standards that will revolutionize the industry. These standards will lead to the development and implementation of sustainable products that have enhanced performance, but with reduced consumption of natural resources. As networks from the carrier to the enterprise continue the transition to all-IP architectures, and the demand for bandwidth continues to increase, the need for energy efficient power consumption and “green” technologies will hold an even greater role.

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