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Life-size HD Video Conferencing

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Business Critical

No matter what your business is, it has one asset that is worth more than anything you are carrying in inventory – information. Information like analysis on operating more efficiently, inspirational guidance from executives, strategy for training your sales force or developing successful employees, and so much more.

LifeSize® knows better than most – information is only useful if it can get into the right hands. It is why for years, we have offered our powerful HD video communication services to businesses of all sizes. Around the world, thousands of companies are using LifeSize systems to communicate timely, business critical information at an unsurpassed level of quality and price for performance.

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You trust LifeSize to take your business communication anywhere – but what if “anywhere” is in a time zone halfway around the world? Perhaps you must also get information to employees who are on the road selling, unable to join in? Or what if your presentation is so valuable that all new employees should listen, regardless of whether they have been hired after the fact? They may even want to review the same discussion multiple times to absorb everything the content has to offer.

One Button to a Better Business

Introducing the newest innovation from LifeSize. LifeSize® Video Center adds simple yet powerful streaming, recording and auto-publishing capabilities to the LifeSize high definition video conferencing portfolio. And the system builds upon the unmatched HD quality, ease of use, and superior price/performance you have come to expect from LifeSize.

Using LifeSize Video Center with any LifeSize 220 series endpoint, business users can press one button to broadcast, record and auto-publish meetings, discussions and presentations to anyone with access to the Internet. Think global town hall meetings, HR presentations, sales training, partner discussions, onboarding of new hires – any important content available wherever and whenever your audience is ready and able to listen. And accessible for on demand playback, anytime and anywhere your team members can get online.

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