Voice Services


Secure, On-Site Phone Systems

On-premise phone systems live on-site in your equipment room. This tried-and-true model continues to benefit many organizations.

Complete Control and Customization

Since on-premise systems are purchased upfront, they can be completely customized for your business. You’ll have enhanced control over your system and its security, from day one and for years to come. As your business evolves, so will its needs. PacStates empowers your team to manage your system, and we are available 7/24 if needed.
Invest Upfront, Save Over Time

Choosing an on-premise system is an investment. But with our expertise, you can make a decision that will save money for years to come. For a single site with 20 or more handsets, this method typically will provide the lowest total cost of connection.

  • Can Choose from Standard Digital, Digital and VoIP, and Pure VoIP
  • Make Program Changes at Any Time
  • Change Service Providers Easily to Minimize Costs
  • Local Emergency Service Connection
  • Can Be Billed As Capital or Operating Expense
  • Optional Staff Training



The Best of Both Worlds

A hybrid solution combines the security and control of an on-premise system with the flexibility and scalability of a hosted/cloud solution. The result? A unified communications experience over multiple office locations.

Grow and Save

A hybrid solution consists of a physical, on-premise system that you can share with other locations via the cloud. Essentially, you host your own communications, and you will save on costs as your company grows its geography. This solution is ideal for a company that has both a larger headquarters and smaller branch offices.

Local Control with Cloud-Based Convenience

Your staff will have immediate access to the latest time-saving, cloud-based tools through the Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) model. At the same time, your business will have the resiliency, choice, and control that accompanies an on-premise system.


Cloud Services

Let Someone Else Do the Heavy Lifting

Even with cloud solutions, PacStates is here to guide you through implementation and ongoing support. Hosted/cloud systems allow you to connect right away with minimal hardware. You don’t have to spend any time designing a fancy system — just sign up for a subscription. When a natural disaster hits, or equipment ages, you won’t have anything to replace or repair.

Flexible and Scalable

With a cloud-based system, you can add or delete users at any time your business needs it. Remote workers? No problem. Your employees can work from home, a coffee shop, or anywhere there’s an internet connection. Cloud-based systems create a seamless caller experience, without any loss of service or quality.


Skip the major investment — pay monthly for what you need instead. This is a great option for smaller, dynamic companies.


Contact Centers

Enhance Customer Experience
Today’s clients require instant communications that seamlessly transition between phone, email, SMS, web chat, social media and in-person communications. Regardless of company size, inbound or outbound communications, PacStates contact center solutions enhance customer experience and enables immediate response while giving customers attentive and personal service.


Call Recording

MiVoice provides easy-to-use, practical and affordable call recording solutions in support of regulatory compliance, quality monitoring, customer retention, dispute resolution and other critical business concerns.



Increase Your Bottom Line
The hospitality industry is fiercely competitive with social media instantly reflecting the customer’s experience. Studies show that an increased rating on review platforms can represent an 11.2% profit growth, while maintaining the same occupancy. PacStates hospitality solutions enhance both staff and customer experience, and therefore the bottom line.

  • The Mitel MiVoice Hospitality Phone system platforms provide integrated applications such as; Unified Communications, Contact Center, Mobility, Property Management System (PMS) stand alone or integration, Seamless IT integration and VoIP. We understand that every impression counts and recommend services to ensure that guests and employees are satisfied, including:
  • Stellar Guest Services – A personalized experience makes guests feel welcome, and more likely to leave positive online reviews
  • Operational Efficiency – Reduce training time and enabled mobile working with purpose-built applications that equip your employees with tools to quickly assist guests. Which can result in happier staff and guests.
  • Deploy Communications Your Way – Whether on-site, private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid platform, PacStates gives you options.