"Trusted since 1986 to provide Business Telecom Solutions"
Today’s business telecommunications space is changing more rapidly than ever before. In the past, solutions were separate and specific to services, networks and phone systems. Today technology solutions are crossing over each other – making it extremely difficult for businesses to know who provides what part and how one element affects everything else! That makes it even more important to have a technology partner that can help with the evaluation and provide the best overall solution to meet your needs.

Pacific States Communications brings its decades of expertise in telecommunications to help you select the right hosted/cloud-based system for your organization.

Benefits of a cloud-based system include:

  • Lower upfront costs than on-premise solutions.
  • Complete scalability, allowing you to add and delete users as your business model requires.
  • Seamless multi-site scalability, allowing you to direct calls from one site to another without any loss of service or call quality.
  • Built-in disaster and redundancy planning, empowering your employees to work from home, a coffee shop or anyplace there’s power and a data connection.

Why Pacific States:
PSC has a well-established reputation of providing “White Glove” – World Class Customer Satisfaction for our “Premise” based solutions. We provide the same level of implementation support for your hosted / cloud solutions.

Hosted/Cloud based solutions hold allure to clients who believe that “everything” is handled by “someone” in the cloud, including training on-line. We have found the clients “don’t know what they don’t know”! That “cloud” person doesn’t know your business, and you are not an expert in call handling, processing and unified communication – and you don’t want to become one! Typical on-line training provides just the basics.

Cloud-based systems aren’t for every organization. Pacific States Communications has the experience and product selections to guide your evaluation process to ensure you get the best overall solution to meet your specified business goals. The solution needs to be carefully designed and implemented to meet the needs of your company today and in the future. You can rely on the expertise of Pacific States Communications to get your hosted/cloud-based solution right!

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